Established in 2018, SpinQ Technology Inc. is a company that provides one-stop solutions in quantum computing.
We view our missions as promoting the commercialization and popularization of quantum computing
by means of technology R&D and commercial landings.
SpinQ has extensive business coverage from practical superconducting quantumcomputer,
desktop NMR quantum computer, general quantum computing cloud platform to software
for the areas of scientific research, education, drug research and development,
financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier technologies.
We are working closely with our partners in finding solutions to specific scenarios
to make quantum computing available and usable to real life.

Technology Solutions

Bringing different experiences to beginners and enthusiasts of quantum computing
Gemini 2 qubits desktop NMR quantum computer
Based on NMR principles, the quantum computer "Gemini" takes the spin property of the nucleus as the carrier of qubit, and utilizes RF pulses to manipulate and measure the states of qubits, which is suitable for quantum computing education and Entry-level research work.
Gemini-Mini 2 qubits portable NMR quantum computer
Gemini-Mini is a new portable NMR quantum computer launched by SpinQ. It provides a complete set of solutions for quantum computing teaching and demonstration, which is conducive to audiences with different knowledge backgrounds to quickly master the basic knowledge and programming operation of quantum computing.
Triangulum 3 qubits desktop NMR quantum computer
Triangulum is a 3 qubits desktop NMR quantum computer. It supports pulse sequence engineering at the hardware level. users can customize quantum circuits on the equipment, and external port programming is allowed. Triangulum is a low cost, no maintenance, and stable equipment, which is good for quantum computing education and some simple scientific research.
Superconducting Quantum Computer
Superconducting chip quantum computing implements quantum computing in a superconducting electronic circuit with Josephson junctions. It is one of the most promising physical platforms for large-scale quantum computing.
Taurus Quantum computing cloud platform
Taurus SpinQ Cloud links multiple quantum computing systems, supporting access to various quantum computing hardware devices. It provides a practical and convenient solution for education and research in quantum computing.


Assist universities and institutions to promote the revolutionary development of the quantum computing industry