Established in 2018, SpinQ is a company that provides one-stop solutions in quantum computing. We view our missions as promoting the commercialization and popularization of quantum computing by means of technology R&D and commercial landings. SpinQ has extensive business coverage from superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer, general quantum computing cloud platform to software for the areas of scientific research, education, drug research and development, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier technologies. We are working closely with our partners in finding solutions to specific scenarios to make quantum computing available and usable to real life.
SpinQ is founded by a team with both international vision and commercial engineering experience. The team members are experts in quantum computing from distinguished universities and institutions internationally and domestically including Harvard University, MIT, Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology of China, and Hongkong University of Science and Technology etc., making their significant contributions to developing quantum computer hardware, software and algorithms.
We have developed and produced a series of commercial desktop NMR quantum computers including Gemini, Triangulum and Gemini Mini, which are the best sellers in China and abroad. Apart from our NMR quantum computers, we developed our own quantum programming framework SpinQKit, cloud platform Tauras, the prototype of practical superconducting quantum computer, superconducting quantum chips and RF measurement and control system. All together provide one-stop solutions from hardware and software to applications.
Moving forward, we will continuously upgrade our existing products and develop new solutions to provide our users with full-stack services that is stable, easy to use and highly applicable by means of controllable and integrated research and development. We are ambitious to play a role to popularize quantum computing.

Vision & Mission

Our missions are to promote the commercialization and popularization of quantum computing by providing one-stop solutions to various fields.

Scientific Consultants

Bei Zeng

Chief Scientific Advisor

GuoXing Miao

Technology Advisor

JinBao Xiang

Technology Advisor

Shi-Yao Hou

Technology Advisor


Sep. 2022

Get about 100 million yuan for the Pre-B funding round, accelerating the industrialization of quantum computing

The new investors and old investors will provide important support for the accelerated commercialization of SpinQ. In the future, SpinQ will continue to work on technology research and development, promote the commercialization of business with technological breakthroughs and innovations, and feed back the iterative innovation of technologies and products with the diversified expansion of applications.

Mar. 2022

SpinQ passed the national high-tech enterprise certification with high scores

It marks that SpinQ has been recognized at the national level in terms of core independent intellectual property rights, transformation capabilities of scientific and technological achievements, and growth indicators.

Jan. 2022

New product launch: portable quantum computer “Gemini Mini”

"Gemini mini" integrates a 2-qubit real quantum computing system and quantum computing simulators up to 8-qubit. Gemini Mini has a complete quantum computing teaching course, which supports teachers' teaching and students' self-study. The machine can work stably at room temperature, it uses without maintenance. "Gemini mini" has a wider audience and is suitable for educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, science and technology exhibition halls, etc. to carry out popular science education.

Sep. 2021

New product launch: NMR quantum computer “Triangulum”

On September 27, 2021, at the "ICT China High-level Forum", SpinQ launched the NMR quantum computer “Triangulum”, which can realize 3 qubit quantum algorithms. “Triangulum” can well promote popular science, scientific research, teaching demonstrations and experiments related to quantum mechanics and quantum computing.

December 2020

SpinQ “Taurus”, the fourth among domestic hi-tech quantum products in 2020

GUANGZIHE (an OFweek account), an authoritative media in quantum technology industry, released Top 20 hi-tech products in global quantum field in 2020. SpinQ’s cloud computing platform “Taurus” ranked 4th among domestic hi-tech quantum products.

December 16, 2020

Winning the “2020 ICT Industry Innovative Enterprise Award and Industry Innovative Product Award”

“2020ICT Conference of Entrepreneurs” sponsored by CCID was held in Beijing. SpinQ was honored the annual innovative enterprise award and innovative product award. This conference is themed by “New Infrastructure Enabling Industry Digitalization and Intelligence”, grasping the opportunity of digital and intelligent applications under “New Infrastructure”.

December 2020

Obtaining tens of millions of yuan of financing again, under the trend of quantum technology

SpinQ completed the a-round financing of tens of millions of yuan. Based on the confidence in the research and application prospects of quantum technology and the positive attitude to the enterprise, Zhengxuan Angel Fund and Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship No.2 Private Equity Fund under Shenzhen HTI Group, officially invested in SpinQ. So far, SpinQ has completed three rounds of financing, and is further moving toward the peak of quantum technology.

December 1, 2020

Obtaining the license of China Merchants Securities “Lingyue Plan” and the key enterprises of China Merchants Bank “New Driver Fund”

As the representative of the new growth drivers, SpinQ was invited to the “New Drive, New Economy and New Opportunity” activity held by China Merchants Securities and China Merchants Bank Shenzhen Branch, and was awarded the license of “Lingyue Plan” and the recommendation letter of “New Driver Fund” during the event. Nearly 100 enterprises joined this event guided by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Shenzhen SME Service Bureau, SZSC and etc.

November 11, 2020

Chairman Dr. Jingen Xiang delivered a summit speech about quantum computing on China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF)

“Technology changes life and innovation drives development”. New technologies and products represented by AI, 5G and big data are premised on huge improvement in computing power. Dr. Dr. Jingen Xiang made a speech on quantum computing at CHTF, saying that quantum computing is a new computing mode providing vast computing power, and quantum algorithms will be widely used in material computing, data analysis, quantum chemistry, drug molecular filtering, protein analysis, network security and AI.

November 3, 2020

Attending the World Computer Congress (WCC) with “Gemini”

2020 World Computer Congress was held at Meixi Lake International Culture Art Centre. SPINQ demonstrated its innovative product “Gemini”, presenting its determination to promote the basic research of computing application and the in-depth integration of compute industry and real economy. Famous computer academicians were invited to this meeting. Turing Award winner Alan Kay and hundreds of government/enterprise leaders gathered to share the latest industry achievements.

October 14, 2020

Launch of “Taurus” at ICT2020• China High Level Forum

SpinQ attended the ICT2020· China High Level Forum and launched its new-generation versatile quantum computing cloud platform “Taurus”. Taurus offers users a graphical interface where task process and result data can be shown concisely. It can interact with multiple quantum computing systems simultaneously, and is currently connect to 2-bit, 4-bit, and 6-bit quantum computers. Other quantum computers, such as the superconducting chip quantum computers, will be Launched soon in the future.

January 6, 2020

Launch of the world’s first desktop NMR quantum computer (2 qubits)- “Gemini”

At the world’s grandest quantum computing conference QIP, SpinQ officially launched the world’s first desktop NMR quantum computer “Gemini” (2-qubit). Professor Bei Zeng from HKUST Physics Department, SpinQ’s Chief Scientist, made a presentation and announced the official presale of “Gemini”. SpinQ has reached strategic agreements with THU, BIT, BNU, SNU and other universities. “Gemini” will be used for teaching quantum mechanics and quantum information.

December 20,2019

Debut of the independently developed desktop NMR quantum computer

At SUSTC Innovative Sci-Tech Achievements Exhibition, the desktop NMR quantum computer independently developed by SpinQ made its debut. As the first-generation self-developed product, its advantages are light weight, powerful function, high performance-cost ratio and zero use and maintenance cost. It contains 2 qubits, with all features required to achieve quantum computing, and the built-in quantum computing software and quantum computing teaching plan provide an integrated solution for quantum computing teaching.

April 3,2019

Launch of the 2-bit Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Desktop Quantum Computer Prototype

SpinQ successfully developed the two-qubit desktop quantum computer prototype based on the NMR physical platform. This machine is light-weighted (≤60kg)., displaying the feasibility of small NMR spectrometers. The control software coming with the prototype embeds not only primary quantum algorithms case study, but also interface for customizing quantum circuits. It also contains quantum knowledge introduction, quantum games, and quantum forum modules.

November 16, 2018

Launch of the world's first NMR quantum computing cloud platform supporting pulse control

SpinQ cooperated with SIQSE and SUSTC Department of Physics to jointly launch the world’s first NMR cloud platform with open control layer, PcloudQ (PCQ), with four qubits. In addition to basic quantum gates,PCQ also opens the underlying control layer, so users could design the quantum control pulse shape independently. Taking advantage of the pre-allocated compiling environment, hobbyists could experience quantum computing, while researchers could demonstrate quantum algorithms and explore quantum phenomenon.

August 27, 2018

Inception of SpinQ, the new star of quantum computing

SpinQ is a young team involving high-speed expansion With great confidence and passion in the quantum computing industry. Bearing the mission to approach the practicality and industrialization of quantum computing, the SpinQ team returned to China to cultivate the virgin field of the domestic quantum computing industry with latest innovation achievements in our products.

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