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Superconducting Quantum Chip EDA

QEDA is a highly automated superconducting quantum chip EDA design software developed by SpinQ. This product generates quantum devices through parameterization and excellent automatic wiring algorithms, QEDA enabling fast and efficient chip design and iteration. It not only helps industry professionals improve the efficiency of chip design but also enables enthusiasts of superconducting quantum computing to quickly get started and participate in chip design.


Flexible and Adaptable Web Application
Adaptable for multi-platform and cross-terminal use, enabling on-demand access anywhere and anytime, convenient and secure.
Rich and diverse component library
Built-in with a variety of components, meeting the application needs of complex designs, resource-rich and open.
Powerful and convenient wiring algorithm
Supports automated and high-performance wiring rules, helping users to complete large-scale and complex chip design.
Friendly UI
Starting from user preferences, creating a smooth user experience, efficient operation mode, simple and easy to use.


No need to download, convenient and easy to use
Based on web application development, adaptable for multi-platform and cross-terminal use, enabling on-demand access and cloud storage of file data.
QEDA - SpinQ
Multiple operations, simple and efficient
Supports building components through parameter configuration and mouse/keyboard operations, as well as various editing tools to improve design efficiency and experience.
QEDA - SpinQ
Built-in Components, Rich and Easy to Use
Presets common and diverse superconducting component structures, updates and adds incrementally to meet complex chip design needs.
QEDA - SpinQ
Intelligent Wiring, Professional and Reliable
Based on powerful wiring algorithms and designs, strong robustness, supports operations on components after wiring.
QEDA - SpinQ

Application Direction

Empower various industries with quantum computing and provide high-level technical services and solutions

Material R&D
Due to the feature of quantum algorithms, chemical computation has been planed to improve, which is an important step towards performing precise molecular calculations, promising to fundamentally break the limitations of the chemical and petroleum industries.
Drug Discovery
With the advantage of quantum computing, target identification, molecular design and optimization can be completed in the future. To accelerate medicine research and development, will not only saves a lot of time and capital cost for pharmaceutical companies, but also makes a great contribution to human health.
Catalyst R&D
Quantum computing can improve chemical research, production and optimize supply chain. It can improve catalyst design during production, thereby innovating and continuously improving the status, increasing efficiency and value.
Scientific Research Design
Quantum computing is becoming a core technology of nowadays, which will uses in industries such as energy and finance, satisfy with education and research, reverse the traditional data computing model, and even reshape the high-level computing model.
Artificial Intelligence
Deep learning is usually used in artificial intelligence, with quantum computer the realized speed can increase exponentially, and the operation and processing of large matrices can be completed by a high speed, which is applied in automatic driving, robotics, natural language processing and so on.
Interesting Education
The mini desktop quantum computer is helpful to train quantum computing professionals. Through teaching by teachers, students can complete the course, and the quantum computer can design and execute the algorithm, so as to improve their professional and scientific research ability.
Financial Technology
Using quantum neural network to accelerate financial related business, or through the application of quantum clustering algorithm in the smart operation of commercial banks; More investment risk analysis, option pricing, financial derivatives pricing and other applications.
Smart Transportation
The smart traffic management system is realized with the help of quantum algorithm, which aims to predict traffic flow and optimize vehicle allocation, thus reducing the investment time and waiting time of operators.
Cyber Security
In RSA encryption system, the complexity of large number factor decomposition is used to ensure the reliability of encryption. For example, in password cracking and blockchain encryption applications, quantum computers can perform calculations hundreds of thousands of times faster than classical computers.