2-qubit portable NMR quantum computer

Gemini Mini is a portable NMR quantum computer developed by SpinQ. Gemini Mini is a device with touch screen, it provides a whole solution for quantum computing education and demonstration, which is beneficial for users with different knowledge to quickly master basic knowledge and operation of quantum computing.


Open education
Combine theory and experiment, add team work, divergent thinking, build an open education.
Teach with experts
Professional advisers of SpinQ share class with video or on site.
Operate on real device
Base on NMR theory, running real quantum computing on real teaching device, the result is more persuasive.
With touch screen and operating system, no more connection is necessary, it is easy to use.
Update experience
Can use quantum computing simulator to run algorithm, satisfy with various requirements of education and research.
SpinQ cooperate with universities to training students, provide tutor guidance, project review supports.


Stable, maintenance free
Stable performance in wider room temperature; maintenance free; cost effective; zero cost for use.
Gemini-Mini - SpinQ
Classics example, rich algorithm
Includes multiple quantum algorithm examples, integrate 2-qubit real quantum computing system and 8 qubits quantum computing simulator.
Gemini-Mini - SpinQ
Full textbooks, deep researching
With complete quantum computing textbooks, make a complete course about quantum computing. The course includes various knowledge and use for middle school.
Gemini-Mini - SpinQ
Wide audience, Diverse services
Fit for various users, fit for education institution, middle school, science exhibition to carry out scientific education, also use for quantum technology fans self-study
Gemini-Mini - SpinQ
Provide a full range of applicable competencies for professional education
Whole textbook of course
Provide comprehensive curriculum content for colleges and middle school students, combined with experimental operation to study knowledge
Desktop NMR quantum computer and control software
Use Gemini, Triangulum and other instruments to assist teachers in teaching, or as a server
Gemini Mini quantum computer and software
Use Gemini Mini to complete the teaching research and basic research, and use for student as an experiment equipment

Application Direction

Empower various industries with quantum computing and provide high-level technical services and solutions

Scientific Research Design
Quantum computing is becoming a core technology of nowadays, which will uses in industries such as energy and finance, satisfy with education and research, reverse the traditional data computing model, and even reshape the high-level computing model.
Interesting Education
The mini desktop quantum computer is helpful to train quantum computing professionals. Through teaching by teachers, students can complete the course, and the quantum computer can design and execute the algorithm, so as to improve their professional and scientific research ability.
Quantum Computing Classroom
With the help of quantum computers, teaching tools, complete theoretical and experimental textbook, we will complete depth and comprehensive teaching tasks, and aim to train professional talents and promote the popularization of quantum education.