SpinQ Listed in SSRN's "The Evolving Themes of CER" List

2022.11.24 · Company News

A research on "The Evolving Themes of Computing Education Research: Trends, Topic Models, and Emerging Research" conducted by Mikko Apiola from the University of Turku, Sonsoles López-Pernas and Mohammed Saqr from the University of Eastern Finland was recently published on SSRN Electronic Journal, the biggest and acknowledged repository in the world. The researchers followed the PRISMA-S (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analysis) search method to capture and screen the literature of 16,863 articles in the recent decade. The common words in the abstracts and titles of all articles were analyzed to identify the trend of research topics in computing education research (CER).


Source: ResearchGate

SpinQ was honored to be identified as one of the highest growing common words in CER in 2021 on this article.


Source: SSRN Electronic Journal

SSRN is the main open-access repository in the world which is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of research in the social sciences, humanities, life sciences, and health sciences, among others. Up to the present, SSRN's eLibrary provides 1,193,559 research papers from 1,078,907 researchers in more than 65 disciplines, such as finance, accounting, law, economics, and management etc., making it a platform favored and supported by most academic researchers and enthusiasts.

In the article titled "The Evolving Themes of Computing Education Research: Trends, Topic Models, and Emerging Research", it was demonstrated that programming education has been the all-time most popular topic in CER for the time being by analyzing the previous analyses of CER publications, followed by other topics including K-12 computing education and computational thinking.

In 2021, however, the emerging words refer to SpinQ, referring to a quantum computing platform, esports (electronic sports), and twitch, referring to video game live streaming. These highest growing common words represent an assortment of emerging modern technologies, topics of computing, pedagogies and tools. Their analysis gives hints as to where CER may be headed at, after its heavy, decades long focus on areas of programming education and other classical topics.

In fact, the years of 2020 and 2021 witnessed the intensive release activities by SpinQ of quantum products when SpinQ disruptively transformed theory into commercial applications in NMR quantum computing area.

During this period of innovative research and development, SpinQ launched the world's first desktop quantum computers Gemini and Triangulum for education and science popularization demonstrations, and Taurus, a new generation of universal quantum computing cloud platform, in order to provide education tools and services for universities, scientific research institutions, and K-12 education in quantum computing area, all of which together with designed quantum computing courses provided full stack solutions to quantum computing education.


The world's first portable quantum computer "Gemini Mini"

And this may also attribute to the fact that SpinQ became one of the highest growing common words in CER in 2021

Quantum Computing is the founding technology of a new generation of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Along with the accelerating commercialization of quantum computing, SpinQ will continue to adhere to the "two-wheel-driven" strategy with technology R&D and commercial landings to empower research in the areas of scientific research, education, drug R&D, financial technology, artificial intelligence, and many other frontier areas based on the business coverage from practical superconducting quantum computer, desktop NMR quantum computer, universal quantum computing cloud platform to software. We will work closely with our partners in finding solutions to specific scenarios to make quantum computing available and usable to real life.